I Want More Windows RT

Dear Microsoft,

Maybe I am the oddball here, but I feel you are missing the obvious.  Every time I play with a new low end laptop or tablet running full Windows, I want to scream.  This is where Windows RT belongs!  Can the HP Stream run full Windows 8.1? Yes. Should it be? I say no!  I am writing this on a Chromebook right now, and it the OS works great on lower end hardware.  A $200 laptop that runs a browser, Office, and Windows Store apps would be a big winner.  One big positive is that the OEM’s can’t shove their crap ware all over the device.  This is even truer on 7 and 8 inch tablets.

Please Microsoft, don’t kill Windows RT.  In fact do the opposite, embrace it.  The direction you are going in right now has you going down the net book wormhole again, over promising and under delivering.  You have the OS, just this time put it on hardware that is not as expensive as the Surface was.



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