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I Fixed Our National Anthem

Long before this week’s chatter about the Star Spangled Banner I have said that we need to change our National Anthem. There are a few reasons for that; the current one sucks, it is hard to sing, and it is based on a very overtly racist poem (which I learned about in a poetry class 20 years ago).  
We already have the song, we just need Congress to pass a law making “America the Beautiful” our new national anthem. I will now take this opportunity to have you listen to Beyonce because why not?

While we are fixing shitty jingoistic music, we need to table “God Bless America”.  If you are looking for an alternate I welcome you to listen to the greatest American folk song ever written “This Land is Your Land”.  

We can do all of this, have the appropriate conversation about race in our society, and go back to doing what we do best as America, faux patriotism. 

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