🔗 Hey Google, Stop Killing the Web

Google’s New Side Rail’ Ads Will Follow You Around Websites

Sure, the internet is great, but it has a serious flaw. There just aren’t enough ads. If you’re anything like me, you spend your time online casting your eyes across the screen, desperately hoping for another way to turn your attention into advertising revenue. At last, there’s some good news on that front, thanks to our hardworking friends in the tech industry. Starting December 23rd, Google is launching a new ad format called called side rails” that will use show up on the sides of webpages and keep you company as you scroll.


Ad tech has ruined the web, and no company has done more damage than Google. I would love to support the sites that I read but ads and the technology behind them mean I won’t go online without an ad blocker. Now it is just getting worse.

December 1, 2022