Dust Off Your Pantsuits

Radio City Rockettes ‘Appalled’ Over Trump Inauguration Command Performance

Author: Itay Hod

“Most of the Rockettes do not want to perform at the inauguration,” posted Duarte, whose Facebook page identifies her as the creator, producer and host of Dead Darlings. “AGVA, their union, has put in writing to the full time Rockettes that they must accept the inauguration gig or they will lose their jobs. It’s perfect, actually. What could be more fitting for this inauguration than forcing a group of women to do something with their bodies against their will?”

When I saw the news yesterday that the Rockettes would be performing I assumed their parent company signed them up. Some will resist, and could lose their job. I hope it does not come to that, instead the dancers who have come to represent the holidays in New York City should do their routine in white pantsuits. I don’t think the owner of MSG who agreed to have them perform will be checking out the act during rehearsal!

Trump is going to be our President, so go and send your message. That is how America works!

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