August 31, 2020

Dan Le Batard on the NBA and Black Lives Matter

Dan Le Batard: How the NBA morphed from tape delay to prime time in the struggle for Black equality

It must feel unusually powerless for the powerful — silly and meaningless, even — to wear the words How many more” or Listen to us” on the back of your jersey while another Black man takes seven bullets to his own back. Police brutality isn’t worse than it has been; it is just televised more often. The system isn’t actually broken; it works as intended and a little too well (police forces didn’t even exist in the South until they were created to prevent slave revolt and chase down runaways). Black men are killed and incarcerated at a disproportionate rate in America, which is why Clippers coach Doc Rivers gives voice to the heartbreak when he wonders why the country Black people love can’t just love them back. What the hell is controversial about requesting equality?

There are certain sports columnists that just get it. So many including Dan have moved over to radio and tv and rarely pick up the pen anymore. When they do however you know it is must read.

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