Hillary Clinton’s ‘Fight Song’ is driving some people nuts

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Fight Song’ is driving some people nuts “’Fight Song’ is an anthem. ‘Fight Song’ is a way of f***ing life,” the staffer said. “It un-ironically brings me joy.” Watching the media charged with following Hillary around on Twitter complain about the song has only made me love it more.  

Switching User Default is Wrong, Dead Stop!

When you upgrade to Windows 10 Microsoft will not honor your current default browser settings.  Instead it will change your default browser to their new Edge browser. Firefox came out attacking yesterday, but I am not sure they are the right company or they even delivered the right message when writing their post about this. […]

Note to Microsoft Press and “Fans”: Stop The Whining

I have not written in a while, but thanks to IFTTT my Instagram photos have been keeping this site full of fun and exciting pictures.  Okay, maybe they are not fun or exciting!  Then I see something that makes me angry, so here I am. This week Facebook is cutting off access to a very […]