2018-2019 NHL Predictions

Always fun to do this and see how wrong I was at the end of the year.  So just hours before the puck drops, here are my NHL predictions for this season.

Eastern Conference

Metropolitan Division

  1. Pittsburgh
  2. Washington
  3. Philadelphia

Atlantic Division

  1. Toronto
  2. Tampa Bay
  3. Florida

Wild Cards

  1. Boston
  2. Columbus

Western Conference

Central Division

  1. Nashville
  2. Winnipeg
  3. St. Louis

Western Division

  1. Las Vegas
  2. San Jose
  3. Los Angeles

Wild Cards

  1. Edmonton
  2. Arizona

Stanley Cup Champions

Nashville Predators over the Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 games

How Bad Will It Get Before MLB Takes The Mets From The Wilpons?

I agree with everything said in this piece, but this is something baseball should have done a decade ago, and given they didn’t I find it hard to believe they can or will do anything now.

In many ways and for many reasons and for many years, the people that own the Mets obviously can’t be trusted to run a Major League Baseball team—not just trusted by the legions of defiant masochists who have stuck by the team but, more saliently, by the other image-conscious rich guys that own teams, and who know that the health of the league depends in no small part on the National League franchise in the nation’s largest media market not being run like a skunk-infested Quiznos franchise.

via How Bad Will It Get Before MLB Takes The Mets From The Wilpons?

Sports is Not Enough

The First Vegas Hockey Game Was Proof That Sports Can’t Heal Tragedy – VICE Sports

After the largest mass shooting in American history, all the horror of the real world was displayed on the ice Tuesday night. First responders, many reluctantly accepting cheers from the crowd as they walked onto the ice, were there to receive thanks from the fans. But they were also a reminder of how everything can and will go bad in a moment’s notice.

The problem is that something needs to actually come of their presence. What needs to follow is more than just a hockey game. We need to see this parade of heroes, take the next step and say to ourselves, “It would be great if these men and women didn’t have to be heroes as often as they do. Let’s do something about it.”

Dave is exactly right. The Vegas Knights did everything right last night, but this should not be on them nor any other group of athletes. This is on all of us to demand more be done.

What Does This Mean For Keith Hernandez?

The Mets stunk, the manager is out, they have awful ownership, and I can go on. With all of that the one thing the Mets have had over the last decade is Gary, Keith, and Ron. At the end of the game today we saw this.

Do not do this to us Mex!

Updated: Maybe we can relax

Update to the Update: Keith is working the post-season!

MLB Predictions

It’s fun to put these type of things somewhere public so I can look back in October to see how wrong I was.
So here I go…

NL East: Nationals

NL Central: Cubs

NL West: Giants

NL Wildcard: Mets

NL Wildcard: Dodgers

AL East: Blue Jays

AL Central: Indians

AL West: Mariners

AL Wildcard: Boston

AL Wildcard: Yankees

NLDS: Mets vs. Cubs/Giants vs. Nationals

NLCS: Mets vs. Giants

ALDS: Boston vs. Indians/Blue Jays vs. Mariners

ALCS: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

World Series: Red Sox vs. Mets

Winner: Boston Red Sox

What the NHL Standings Should Like

It’s time for the NHL to change the points system.  The idea that games that end in regulation are worth two points, and games that go to OT or a shootout are worth three makes no sense.  I made a quick Google Sheet showing what I think the NHL should do.

  • A regulation win is worth 3 points
  • An OT or shootout win is worth 2 points
  • An OT or shootout loss is worth 1 point

This means that each game is worth three points, and would reward teams for winning in regulation. Here is what the Eastern Conference standings would like like as of games played through 1/3/2017.