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MLB Predictions

It’s fun to put these type of things somewhere public so I can look back in October to see how wrong I was.

So here I go…

NL East: Nationals

NL Central: Cubs

NL West: Giants

NL Wildcard: Mets

NL Wildcard: Dodgers

AL East: Blue Jays

AL Central: Indians

AL West: Mariners

AL Wildcard: Boston

AL Wildcard: Yankees

NLDS: Mets vs. Cubs/Giants vs. Nationals

NLCS: Mets vs. Giants

ALDS: Boston vs. Indians/Blue Jays vs. Mariners

ALCS: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays

World Series: Red Sox vs. Mets

Winner: Boston Red Sox

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NFL Divisonal Weekend Picks

So the last good weekend of football is upon us. Coming off 3-1 Wildcard weekend, here are the divisional picks.

Home Line Away
Atlanta -5 Seattle
New England -17 Houston
Kansas City -1.5 Pittsburgh
Dallas -4.5 Green Bay
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What the NHL Standings Should Like

It’s time for the NHL to change the points system.  The idea that games that end in regulation are worth two points, and games that go to OT or a shootout are worth three makes no sense.  I made a quick Google Sheet showing what I think the NHL should do.

  • A regulation win is worth 3 points
  • An OT or shootout win is worth 2 points
  • An OT or shootout loss is worth 1 point

This means that each game is worth three points, and would reward teams for winning in regulation. Here is what the Eastern Conference standings would like like as of games played through 1/3/2017.

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Week 17 NFL Picks

After a great week 16, I try to finish off strong in week 17. A tough week to pick as some teams are already on vacation, and another group is getting geared up for the playoffs. Here is to hoping that I don’t screw up an otherwise very successful year.

Lines as of 9:00 AM Eastern Time at the MGM/Mirage.

Home Line Away
Tennessee -3 Houston
NY Jets +3.5 Buffalo
Cincinnati -1 Baltimore
Washington -7.5 NY Giants
Detroit +3 Green Bay
Indianapolis -5 Jacksonville
Philadelphia -4.5 Dallas
Minnesota -6 Chicago
Tampa Bay -4.5 Carolina
Pittsburgh -6 Cleveland
Atlanta -7 New Orleans
Miami +9.5 New England
Los Angeles +6 Arizona
San Diego +5.5 Kansas City
San Francisco +9.5 Seattle
Denver -1.5 Oakland
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Week 16 NFL Picks

After my worst week of the year, by far, here are my not so scientific picks for Week 16!

Happy Holidays…..

Home Line Away
Philadelphia +1.5 NY Giants
Chicago +3 Washington
Buffalo -3.5 Miami
New Orleans -4 Tampa Bay
Carolina +2.5 Atlanta
Green Bay -7 Minnesota
New England -16.5 NY Jets
Jacksonville +5 Tennessee
Cleveland +6 San Diego
Oakland -3.5 Indianapolis
Los Angeles -3.5 San Francisco
Seattle -8 Arizona
Houston PK Cincinnati
Pittsburgh -5.5 Baltimore
Kansas City -3.5 Denver
Dallas -7 Detroit
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NFL Week 15 Picks

The moment you were all waiting for, my week 15 picks.

Home Line Away
Seattle -16 Los Angeles
NY Jets +2.5 Miami
Dallas -7 Tampa Bay
NY Giants -4 Detroit
Baltimore -6 Philadelphia
Chicago +6 Green Bay
Minnesota -4 Indianapolis
Buffalo -10 Cleveland
Kansas City -5.5 Tennessee
Houston -6 Jacksonville
Arizona -2.5 New Orleans
Atlanta -13.5 San Francisco
Denver +3.5 New England
San Diego +3 Oakland
Cincinnati +3.5 Pittsburgh
Washington -6 Carolina
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NFL Week 14 Picks

Home Line Away
Kansas City -3 Oakland
Tennessee -1 Denver
Carolina -1.5 San Diego
Indianapolis -6 Houston
Cleveland +6 Cincinnati
Buffalo +1.5 Pittsburgh
Miami -1 Arizona
Detroit -8 Chicago
Jacksonville +3.5 Minnesota
Tampa Bay -3 New Orleans
Philadelphia +1.5 Washington
San Francisco -2.5 NY Jets
Green Bay +3 Seattle
Los Angeles +6 Atlanta
NY Giants +3.5 Dallas
New England -7.5 Baltimore
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