2018-2019 NHL Predictions

Always fun to do this and see how wrong I was at the end of the year.  So just hours before the puck drops, here are my NHL predictions for this season. Eastern Conference Metropolitan Division PittsburghWashingtonPhiladelphia Atlantic Division TorontoTampa BayFlorida Wild Cards BostonColumbus Western Conference Central Division NashvilleWinnipegSt. Louis Western Division Las VegasSan JoseLos […]

How Bad Will It Get Before MLB Takes The Mets From The Wilpons?

I agree with everything said in this piece, but this is something baseball should have done a decade ago, and given they didn’t I find it hard to believe they can or will do anything now. In many ways and for many reasons and for many years, the people that own the Mets obviously can’t […]

What Does This Mean For Keith Hernandez?

The Mets stunk, the manager is out, they have awful ownership, and I can go on. With all of that the one thing the Mets have had over the last decade is Gary, Keith, and Ron. At the end of the game today we saw this. https://twitter.com/goodfundies/status/914618299010486272 Do not do this to us Mex! Updated: Maybe […]