More Outdoor Biking Around NYC

Monica and I decided to do some more biking around NYC this weekend. With all activities rightly pushed outside during COVID, we are making the best of it. We started again in Midtown, went down to the Battery for some coffee, and then back up the Hudson for an outdoor breakfast on the Upper West Side. Then we went around Central Park before heading to the East Side. Next it was over the 59th Street Bridge into Queens! There we checked out a very cool place called Anable Basin Sailing Bar and Restaurant for a beer and a bite in Long Island City. Finally it was on to Brooklyn via the Pulaski Bridge where we finished the ride!

Birthday Bike Ride Across NYC

With all indoor activities still closed, Monica and I took off on a 4 borough bike ride. Started in midtown Manhattan and went down to Tribeca before heading to the Lower East Side for breakfast. From there we crossed the Williamsburg Bridge and went for coffee in Greenpoint. Over the Pulaski Bridge into Queens and then the 59th Street Bridge (this will always be the name) back into Manhattan. Headed north for lunch in the Upper East Side. Outdoor dining is back and an Irish pub was the perfect stop. Next we kept heading north and crossed the pedestrian bridge onto Randalls and Wards Islands before heading into the Bronx via the Triborough Bridge (again this will always be the name). Our final destination was the Bronx Brewery which has a backyard open.

Images of NYC Coming out of COVID-19

Let’s Go Johnnies!

A Night at Citi – Let’s Go Mets!