Breaking: Crown Prince of Bahrain is a Psychic

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Consider the tale of the Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain, head of state of one of America’s primary allies in the Persian Gulf. Rummaging through thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails, Judicial Watch discovered that the prince had requested a meeting with the Secretary of State on a specific day in 2010, via an email from Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band to Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin.

In a hysterical press release, Judicial Watch denounced this request as an outrageous example of unethical and possibly illegal behavior, because “by 2010, [the crown prince] had contributed $32 million” to CGI [the Clinton Global Initiative].”

That damning narrative, usually condensed into “Bahraini prince gave $32 million to Clinton Foundation,” appeared in news outlets across the country.

By leaving out the most important facts — which show there was no unethical conduct — Judicial Watch could confidently assume that gullible (or malicious) journalists would omit that crucial information as well. And of course, they did.

The simple fact is that not one cent of that $32 million ever went into the bank accounts of the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation, or any member of the Clinton family. Every cent went instead toward the college education of Bahraini students, which was the purpose of the Crown Prince’s “commitment,” announced like hundreds of others at the Clinton Global Initiative conferences in New York.

More misleading still, Judicial Watch failed to mention that the crown prince’s $32 million commitment was announced at the very first Clinton Global Initiative meeting in September 2005 — or more than three years before Barack Obama asked Hillary Clinton to serve as Secretary of State. Unless the crown prince was clairvoyant, he had no way of knowing that his 2005 CGI commitment would induce the nation’s top diplomat to meet with him five years later

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