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NFL Picks: Week 3

Well this has to go better than last week!

Home Line Away
Jacksonville +1.5 Tennessee
Green Bay -7.5 Denver
Kansas City -6.5 Baltimore
Indianapolis -1.5 Atlanta
New England -23 New York Jets
Tampa Bay -6.5 New York Giants
Seattle -4.5 New Orleans
San Fransisco -6.5 Pittsburgh
Washington +4 Chicago
Philadelphia -6.5 Detroit
Buffalo -6 Cincinatti
Minnesota -9 Oakland
Dallas -21.5 Miami
Arizona +2.5 Carolina
L.A. Chargers -3 Houston
Cleveland +3 L.A. Rams


NCAA Week 3 Picks

Why stick to just picking NFL games, when college football is better in every way?  These lines were just taken from ESPN.  

Home Line Away
Houston +8.5 Washington St (20)
Temple +7 Maryland (21)
Georgia (3) -33 Arkansas State
Indiana +18 Ohio State (6)
Penn St (13) -17 Pittsburgh
Notre Dame (7) -35 New Mexico
South Carolina +25.5 Alabama (2)
UCF (17) -8.5 Stanford
BYU +4 USC (24)
Michigan St (18) -15 Arizona State
Iowa State +2 Iowa (19)
Auburn (8) -36 Kent State
Kentucky +8.5 Florida (9)
Syracuse +27.5 Clemson (1)
Washington (23) -21.5 Hawaii
Virginia (25) -7.5 Florida St
UCLA +23.5 Oklahoma (5)
Rice +32.5 Texas (12)

The Lasting Legacy of David Koch will be the Burning Planet

Will America’s ‘Least Sustainable City’ vote to kill rail transit? – The Washington Post

Such organized opposition has killed transit projects elsewhere. Donors to Building a Better Phoenix include the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, a group with ties to Americans for Prosperity, an influential political advocacy organization funded by oil industry billionaires Charles and David Koch. David Koch died Friday. Americans for Prosperity has campaigned against transit in Arkansas and Utah, and in 2018 the group led a successful door-knocking campaign to defeat a light-rail project on the ballot in Nashville.


Trump is Following in the Footsteps of Wallace, Nixon, and Reagan

Why Donald Trump is just following in Ronald Reagan’s footsteps on race – The Washington Post

Racial issues were central to Reagan’s political success during the 1966 California gubernatorial election. He denounced the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 while running radio ads referring to urban areas as “jungles.” Regarding fair housing, he emphasized: “If an individual wants to discriminate against Negroes or others in selling or renting his house, it is his right to do so.” This resonated well with white conservative suburban voters in places such as Orange County, Calif.

Sometimes it’s important to be reminded of the obvious.

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Pay the Women Now!

Pay the U.S. women’s soccer players a bounty. They’re an American treasure. – The Washington Post

I don’t want to hear another word about whether the Americans scored too much or over-celebrated. This is a team in full attack mode, fighting not just to win a World Cup, but to prove a larger point about their worth. They’ve been denied fair pay compared to their men’s team for years and they’re out to make a statement about just how good they are, both on the pitch and in the court of public opinion. You don’t make up a chronic pay gap with ladylike restraint. You do it by kicking through a wall.

There is never anything to add to a Sally Jenkins’ article.


The Modern P.T. Barnum Strikes Again

Elon Musk Says “Hyperloop”; Tunnel Is Now Just a Normal Car Tunnel Because “This Is Simple and Just Works”

Yes, for those keeping score, in a mere two years we’ve gone from a futuristic vision of electric skates zooming around a variety of vehicles in a network of underground tunnels to—and I cannot stress this enough—a very small, paved tunnel that can fit one (1) car.

The video’s marketing conceit is that the car in the tunnel beats a car trying to go the same distance on roads. You’ll never believe this, but the car that has a dedicated right of way wins. Congratulations to The Boring Company for proving dedicated rights of way are important for speedy transportation, something transportation planners figured out roughly two centuries ago. I’m afraid for how many tunnels they’ll have to dig before they likewise acknowledge the validity of induced demand.


Herman Wouk dies at 103, but “a Legend Never Dies”

Herman Wouk, Perennially Best-Selling Author, Dies at 103 – The New York Times

Herman Wouk, whose taut shipboard drama “The Caine Mutiny” lifted him to the top of the best-seller lists, where he remained for most of a career that extended past his 100th year thanks to page-turners like “Marjorie Morningstar,” “Youngblood Hawke” and the World War II epics “The Winds of War” and “War and Remembrance,” died early Friday at his home in Palm Springs, Calif. He was 103.

His death, just 10 days before his 104th birthday, was confirmed by his literary agent, Amy Rennert. She said he had been working on another book when he died, although, as was his custom, he had declined to discuss its subject until it was finished.

First thing I thought of when I saw on twitter he had passed was Babe Ruth’s famous quote (reintroduced to the world in the Sandlot) “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

We lost a legend.

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Hey San Francisco, Time to Buy Some Pie!

Custard’s Last Stand: Mission Pie vs. the gig economy – Mission Local

Her frustration isn’t that the “shut-in economy” has advanced to the point that contracting with a third party to have pies sent to your home is the epitome of San Francisco normal. If people desire delivery, let the people have what they want. It’s deeper than that. Heisler’s workforce is all employees. They have health insurance. She hands over payroll taxes and, additionally, with more than 20 employees, she and her co-owner Krystin Rubin are subject to any number of “employer mandates” this city has chosen to impose on its resident businesses.

This whole article explains how the “gig economy” is destroying society, and I am glad someone is standing up to it instead of giving in. I hope this being in SF, the story spreads wide. In the mean time, if you live near this place go and buy some pie!