Another Day Where the Media Fails

Another day, another bunch of bullshit flying through the media. In the middle of a GOP meltdown the Wall Street Journal posts an article claiming the US paid Iran for hostage release in SECRET. Yeah about that…
Here is a paragraph from a CNN article from January 17th

The U.S. State Department announced the government had agreed to pay Iran $1.7 billion to settle a case related to the sale of military equipment prior to the Iranian revolution, according to a statement issued on Sunday.
Iran had set up a $400 million trust fund for such purchases, which was frozen along with diplomatic relations in 1979. In settling the claim, which had been tied up at the Hague Tribunal since 1981, the U.S. is returning the money in the fund along with “a roughly $1.3 billion compromise on the interest,” the statement said.

You want to be against the Iran nuclear deal, go for it. Make your argument. However watching the news media make asses of themselves when the President, the State Department, and the White House Press Secretary all reported the unfreezing of the 400 million dollars is quite something. How in the hell does any publication have the gall to then use the word “secret” when writing about it eight months later? Someone fed this story which I get, but do a fucking Google search. To the rest of the media who just quoted the bullshit story as fact, find a new job.

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