American Sending 20 MD-80’s to Retirement, I Might Shed a Tear

American Airlines Retiring 20 MD-80s to Roswell – Flightradar24 Blog

On 23 August, American Airlines will retire 20 MD-82 and MD-83 aircraft to Roswell, New Mexico, one of the largest single-day aircraft retirements in airline history. American is retiring a total of 45 MD-80 series aircraft this year, leaving 52 in the fleet at the end of 2016. At one point, the American MD-80 fleet numbered 370.

One of the things I enjoy in life is aviation.  Just as a hobbyist or a fan, call it what you want, but since I could walk I was always enamored with airplanes.  American and Delta still fly a good number of these old birds, but they are being phased out.  American today is sending a good number out to the desert.  I always had a soft spot for these and here is just one video that shows why.  No tug needed to leave the gate, just reverse those engines and backwards it goes. (All US carriers stopped this over a decade ago)

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