A Way To Get Around Slim Margins for PC and Phone OEMs?

After Lenovo’s week from hell, I have been thinking on ways for Microsoft to get their partners to make computers without the cruft that makes these machines unusable and unsafe.  How about Microsoft shares store revenue with manufacturers that install a clean version of Windows for their users?  If you can tell Lenovo and HP that they can make money on their machines even after they are bought, that has to have some pull.  So if you user X buys $50 worth of apps from the Windows Store… $35 would go to developers, $10 would go to Microsoft, and $5 would go back to the OEM.  They can’t be making much on what they pre-install now, can they?

I think this approach would also have some Android OEMs take a look at Windows Phone if you promised them some post sale revenue.  The mobile app store has become a place people expect to spend money, so if you tell Samsung or HTC they will get a few bucks a year from each user….

Just trying to think outside the box!

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