A Government Catastrophy

Where’s the Beef? Republicans Don’t Understand Critical Infrastructure and Supply Chains | emptywheel

If we were a sane nation, focused on the public good rather than bottom line dollars, we would have spent the five weeks of national shut-down figuring out how to protect critical workers and implementing those systems wherever workplaces had not shut down. We would have used that time to test the system and build up stocks of PPE and test kits needed to replicate the system in other, less essential work places. We would have perfected systems for keeping workers safe in the time of COVID, so we could learn how to do it while it was relatively easy, giving us something to replicate when the economy reopened.

For the most part the people of the United States have been putting in the work to stop the spread. During this time however the federal government has decided to waste every moment it had in preparing for the next steps, and now we are stuck.

  • Leadership matters
  • Trusting the experts matters
  • Competence matters
  • Sanity matters
  • Elections matter