Hey San Francisco, Time to Buy Some Pie!

Custard’s Last Stand: Mission Pie vs. the gig economy – Mission Local

Her frustration isn’t that the “shut-in economy” has advanced to the point that contracting with a third party to have pies sent to your home is the epitome of San Francisco normal. If people desire delivery, let the people have what they want. It’s deeper than that. Heisler’s workforce is all employees. They have health insurance. She hands over payroll taxes and, additionally, with more than 20 employees, she and her co-owner Krystin Rubin are subject to any number of “employer mandates” this city has chosen to impose on its resident businesses.

This whole article explains how the “gig economy” is destroying society, and I am glad someone is standing up to it instead of giving in. I hope this being in SF, the story spreads wide. In the mean time, if you live near this place go and buy some pie!