I Fixed Our National Anthem

Long before this week’s chatter about the Star Spangled Banner I have said that we need to change our National Anthem. There are a few reasons for that; the current one sucks, it is hard to sing, and it is based on a very overtly racist poem (which I learned about in a poetry class 20 years ago).  
We already have the song, we just need Congress to pass a law making “America the Beautiful” our new national anthem. I will now take this opportunity to have you listen to Beyonce because why not?

While we are fixing shitty jingoistic music, we need to table “God Bless America”.  If you are looking for an alternate I welcome you to listen to the greatest American folk song ever written “This Land is Your Land”.  

We can do all of this, have the appropriate conversation about race in our society, and go back to doing what we do best as America, faux patriotism. 

Kaepernick’s protest is as American as that flag

Kaepernick’s protest is as American as that flag

And throughout history, rather than making the appropriate sacrifices, the most powerful among us sent police in to cure issues of poverty and the first lack of opportunity with arrests and guns. And today we see the result. Saddest of all is rather than Kaepernick’s stance pushing us to work for a cure to the root of these problems, we will just put on the jersey of our team and root for either side to win a game that can’t be won.

Just read the whole thing.  

Have a Gluten Conscious Cookie

Panera CEO on self-respect, and why he often avoids gluten

Q: I noticed Panera has a “gluten-conscious cookie.” What does that mean?

A: That is gluten-free cookies in a world where the lawyers won’t let you say “gluten free.” You cannot walk into a Panera and be a celiac without having flour dust in the air. We’re not telling you this is celiac standard. So our lawyers say we can’t say gluten free. They’re gluten conscious.

Having said that, there is no gluten in that cookie. That doesn’t mean that your personal injury lawyers have permission to go after us.

Remember this the next time your friend is standing in line next to you at the pizza shop asking if they have gluten free pizza.  If they really were allergic to Gluten, a.k.a. they have celiac disease, they would not be standing next to you while Nick Papagiorgio is tossing pies in the air. 

P.S. For the sake of those that really do suffer from celiac, please don’t minimize their life or death issue with your fad of the week.  If 99 people walk into a restaurant pretending to have an issue, the chances of the chef taking the person who is actually suffering seriously is diminished.  That could have dire consequences.  

The GOP Southern Strategy, AKA Racial Politcs is Not New

Exclusive: Lee Atwater’s Infamous 1981 Interview on the Southern Strategy | The Nation

You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968 you can’t say “nigger”—that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract. Now, you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites.… “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, uh, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger.”

You can listen to the entire audio embedded in the article.  However remember Ronald Reagan making his first stop after the convention is Philadelphia, Mississippi was no accident.  Using code to get working class whites to vote against their own economic interest has been a 40 year strategy.  The result are those that realized they were lied to by those they voted for now told the establishment GOP to fuck off.  The people of color they hated were moving up in society, hell one is President, and they were still struggling.  The result is the GOP nominee Donald Trump.  

A Good Take on the iPad

I was wrong about the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro 9.7 has changed my work habits. When I wake up in the morning, I’ll take it from my nightstand and start the day sitting at my kitchen table, reading the news, drinking coffee, and cruising through Twitter. If there’s something big going on, I’ll write a story before I take my wife to the train. The rest of the day is spent on my Windows 10 PC in my office, for the most part, until the evening when I return to the iPad Pro. I’ll finish editing and scheduling posts for some of our west coast writers from the iPad Pro while doing the daily NYT Crossword, for example, an app that I found isn’t available on Android tablets.

I love the portability. If I decide to change my work habits, I’ll bring the iPad Pro with me in the car, ready to edit or write a story from a coffee shop or diner over lunch. It’s lighter than my other devices and offers exactly what I need. And while my Chromebook offered a similar experience in terms of productivity, the better display, comfortable keyboard (it’s really amazing) and larger selection of apps keep bringing me back to the iPad Pro.

As I don’t see myself being a pen user (yet), I have been using the Air 2 in the same manner.  It is still a companion device, but a companion that has become a lot more useful in day to day work activities than I ever imagined. 

Amtrak’s Next-Generation of High-Speed Trains

Amtrak’s Next-Generation of High-Speed Trains – blog.amtrak.com

At Amtrak we know the future of the Northeast Corridor (NEC) depends on the investments we make today, which is why we are excited to announce the upcoming arrival of the next-generation of high-speed rail. The new trainsets will replace the current Acela Express equipment and begin service in 2021. As part of this multi-faceted modernization program, Amtrak is also investing in the infrastructure needed to improve your customer experience onboard the train and in major NEC stations including Washington Union Station and Moynihan Station New York.

Overdue, but looks promising.  The best part of the video is the little part showing the new Penn Station in New York where there will actually be natural light! 

Breaking: Crown Prince of Bahrain is a Psychic

Pay For Play? The Scandal Is Judicial Watch Misleading Gullible Media – The National Memo – Smart. Sharp. Funny. Fearless.

Consider the tale of the Crown Prince Salman of Bahrain, head of state of one of America’s primary allies in the Persian Gulf. Rummaging through thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails, Judicial Watch discovered that the prince had requested a meeting with the Secretary of State on a specific day in 2010, via an email from Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band to Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin.

In a hysterical press release, Judicial Watch denounced this request as an outrageous example of unethical and possibly illegal behavior, because “by 2010, [the crown prince] had contributed $32 million” to CGI [the Clinton Global Initiative].”

That damning narrative, usually condensed into “Bahraini prince gave $32 million to Clinton Foundation,” appeared in news outlets across the country.

By leaving out the most important facts — which show there was no unethical conduct — Judicial Watch could confidently assume that gullible (or malicious) journalists would omit that crucial information as well. And of course, they did.

The simple fact is that not one cent of that $32 million ever went into the bank accounts of the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clinton Foundation, or any member of the Clinton family. Every cent went instead toward the college education of Bahraini students, which was the purpose of the Crown Prince’s “commitment,” announced like hundreds of others at the Clinton Global Initiative conferences in New York.

More misleading still, Judicial Watch failed to mention that the crown prince’s $32 million commitment was announced at the very first Clinton Global Initiative meeting in September 2005 — or more than three years before Barack Obama asked Hillary Clinton to serve as Secretary of State. Unless the crown prince was clairvoyant, he had no way of knowing that his 2005 CGI commitment would induce the nation’s top diplomat to meet with him five years later

Presented without comment. 

Goodbye to Tekserve

A Final Tour of NYC’s ‘Original Apple Store’ – YouTube

Gizmodo did a nice video about Tekserve.  They were the Apple store before there was an Apple store in NYC.  Even after the Apple Store Tekserve was the place where businesses went who wanted to use Apple in the workplace.  Over the years I have used them for hardware sales, support, consulting, etc.  Every person there was amazing, and they all loved the products they supported.

Now where do we go for Filemaker help?  

When the Washington Post Goes Full Troll

I am glad the Washington Post can brag that they got more clicks than BuzzFeed.  When people like me cancel their subscription, they can look no further than this tweet.

This is not about issues, this is not about being a Democrat or a Republican.  This is about journalism.  This is about being one of the places where you go for trusted “news”.  I love the Washington Post Outlook section because they give voice to smart people on the left and right.  I want to read people who I don’t often agree with. Instead we get this trash.