Oct 11 2019

Bernie Supporters are at it Again

Warren’s Plan to Spurn Big Money Donors Has a Catch

Warren’s decision to placate and enmesh herself in these institutions is an indication that she has less interest in revolutionizing the party than in working within its creaky machinery to attain power. But we knew this already: In August, The New York Times reported that Warren was quietly signaling to party leaders that, far from wanting to stage a political revolution’ in the fashion of Mr. [Bernie] Sanders, she wants to revive the beleaguered Democratic National Committee and help recapture the Senate while retaining the House in 2020.” In this context, revive” means raise lots of money for,” which the article made clear: She told donors at a DNC event this summer that she had raised or gave more than $11 million helping get Democrats elected up and down the ballot around the country” and sent contributions to all 50 state parties, the national committees and the redistricting fight.”

It’s really hard to convey how stupid this is. Bernie Sanders has convinced a bunch of people that he is running to be King. In fact it might explain why there is a group that runs in that circle that is not happy with the impeachment proceedings happening now. They don’t like everything about Trump, but they like his immigration policies, his trade policies, and most of all they like that he thinks the president is more of a king than the head of a republic.

Imagine thinking it’s not important to win the house or the senate when running for president? I hope many of you enjoyed 2016 because 2020 is going to be a repeat in many ways. One thing is for sure, we will see Sanders’ supporters burning down the Dem nominee when it’s not their cult hero again.